Brick Paving Nothing compliments your home’s architecture and grounds like the classic elegance of brick. With beauty and flexibility matched by no other form of paving. 

Each paving installation is custom tailored to the look and feel of your property. We are experts in making your patio, walkway, courtyard, pool surroundings, driveway, or entrance to be an asset to your home and the envy of your neighbors, additionally your brick paving investment will pay dividends when the time comes to sell your home.

Available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns, your Paving installation will be unique to your home, accenting the natural lines and shapes of your property.

Patios Patios are a wonderful outdoor living space that can be designed in multiple ways to suit many different needs. The patio can be used as a small, outdoor living area or as an entertainment/BBQ area to entertain friends and family. When designing your patio there are various choices to make including the patio paving pattern, the paving material to be used, the shapes of the paver, the color and the desired finish. If you require more information in regards to patio paving or any other paving queries contact the paving specialist; Arne´s brick paving.

If you want to pave your driveway there are several things to consider, of which the type of design to use is the most important. There are several designs and colors to choose from. With our experience Arne’s Brick Paving will be able to create the perfect paved driveway for your home.

Most of the bricks manufactured have the strength to handle heavy weight. Call Arne’s Brick Paving and choose top of the range driveway paving material at excellent prices.

Stairs The principal advantages of brick paving in architecture lie in the wide variety of colors, textures, forms and patterns that are inherent in this form of construction. Applications include stairs; such applications pose few problems in the area of structural design. Rather, emphasis is placed on the aesthetics and functionality of the stairs.

Due to the availability of various shapes, colors, and sizes, your fireplace will be an asset to your home. Additionally, the combination of resistance, attractive finishes and affordable prices are good reasons to choose Arne´s brick paving as your building company.

Call us, Arne´s brick paving can make your project a complete success.

Entrance You can create a beautiful entrance, cost-effective, using the right combination of materials. By simply using a natural design, create accent points with pavers and complete your entrance paving by adding landscaping and light features. For professional advice and a wide variety of entrance paving materials at affordable prices contact Arne´s brick paving today.
Retaining Walls Because of its aesthetic qualities and versatility, brick paving has enjoyed widespread usage both in domestic landscaping and in civic applications. The wide range of colors and textures available in pavers facilitates integration both with the surroundings as well as with other paving materials such as stone and wood. If you require more information in regards to other paving queries contact the paving specialist, Arne´s brick paving.
Mail Boxes Brick mailbox design provide a stately and attractive marker for your home. The mailbox will also protect your incoming mail from weather-related events that could damage your important communications.
Fountains Any type of paver can be used specifically for the construction of an outdoor fountain area, but Pavers can be arranged to compliment many types of design schemes because of their large variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Contact Arne´s brick paving, we can custom make the shape you require.
Ponds Ponds can be laid in spaces which would otherwise be difficult to pave, as well as in large undulating and profiled areas. In open spaces, a scale can be established by suitable use of color and pattern. Call Arne´s brick paving and choose top of the line paving materials for your ponds at excellent prices.
Kitchens Pavering as kitchen flooring gives you a durable floor that’s easy to care for. Brick has been used as a paving material for many years; it is considered to be a more formal type of paving and brick flooring is absorbent so it needs to be sealed to protect it from water, grease and dirt stains so common in kitchens. If you are looking for a kitchen floor Arne´s brick paving are a choice that you will definitely want to consider.
Stonework and Landscaping The type of material you choose for your needs, whether it is for your house or garden, can mean the difference between a house looking fabulous and one looking mediocre. When deciding which paving material to use you should think of things like appearance, durability, availability, maintenance and cost. Many types of concrete pavers have been developed specifically for hard landscaping. These use either specially chosen shape or else utilize special treatments of standard block types.